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Mira Violet

Mira Violet


Developer, but with style & strategy

Founder and CEO of Amethyst Design. My approach is prioritize Result-Driven Design while striking the balance between beauty and functionality. I'm a designer and developer. My design process is centered around how a given design will be coded. I don't just making things pretty. I don't design things that are impractical to code. I see the structure, flow, and programing logic of the living product as I put thoughts to paper. I'm technical for a designer and I'm not one of those designers who says they can code but only knows the basics. I know GIT, CSS, Sass, Firebase, Php, SQL, WordPress + I can re-factor shitty mockup code exports. You might be wondering though, "But Mira, your Dribbble posts are all impractical and only for aesthetics". Yes. Things I post are meant to be pretty and get likes. Things I build are meant to work. I can communicate with both designers and developers on a given team, and complete a project end-to-end without a team. Let's launch something great 🚀🥂✨

  • branding
  • business intelligence
  • coding
  • css
  • developer
  • development
  • php
  • sass
  • ui desgin
  • usability testing
  • user research
  • uxdesign
  • wordpress developer
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